Ross Holcombe
Ross Holcombe, Tampa St. Petersburg Trombone Lessons picture Currently offering online masterclasses on Zoom. Please contact Ross for more information about Zoom masterclasses.

Masterclasses are available for both middle/high school trombone and brass sections, and for collegiate level trombone and brass students. Ross has given masterclasses for high school programs across the state of Florida, and at colleges and universities such as Duquesne University, Washington State University, University of South Florida, University of Southern Mississippi, and others.

Many formats are available for masterclasses and ensemble coaching, including:
  • Individual coaching
  • Trombone choir or brass section coaching
  • Full band or orchestra coaching

Topics of masterclasses can be incredibly broad, but may focus on subjects such as:
  • Ensemble and group playing
  • Finding greater expression through your playing
  • Making your way in the music world
  • Practice habits and techniques
  • Improving your teaching
  • Making practice fun!
  • Audition and performance success
To inquire about a masterclass appearance for your ensemble or school, please click here to contact Ross.

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