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Articles and Interviews
The Pacific Northwest Inlander - 3/3/2016 - Enjoy Classical, You Will
"Holcombe considers himself 'probably the biggest Star Wars fan of all the musicians' in the Spokane Symphony..."
Interview with Ross Holcombe about upcoming solo engagement with Spokane Symphony - January 2014
Symphony Week at KPBX - Interview with Ross Holcombe and Richard Strauch, trombonists in the Spokane Symphony Orchestra - September 2013
The West Roxbury Transcript - 11/12/2008 - Students Learn About the Emotions of the Trombone
"Angry. Sneaky. Really, really happy. Exciting. Those are some of the sounds of the trombone that musician Ross Holcombe taught Philbrick School students last Thursday."
The Summit Daily News - 7/24/2009 - Musicians in Breckenridge Orchestra Learn Life Lessons
"Here, trying to perform doesn't feel like work because this is what I love and this is what I want to do. There's no wishing I was somewhere else."
Selected Reviews
The Spokesman Review - 10/24/2016 - Spokane Symphony Orchestra with Eckart Preu
"...throughout the evening, principal trombone Ross Holcombe played with the greatest beauty of tone and vividness of characterization."
The Spokesman Review - 1/27/2014 - Spokane Symphony Orchestra with Eckart Preu
"What issues from [Holcombe's] horn is an incredible galaxy of tone and emotion: gruff and sweet, nasal and throaty, powerful and pleading, with every shade put at the service of the music."
The Rutland Herald - 1/31/2012 - Vermont Symphony Orchestra with Robert DeCormier
"Ross Holcombe, the VSO's second trombone, gave beautiful expressiveness to the solo of the Tuba Mirum."
The Boston Musical Intelligencer - 2/10/2011 - NEC Philharmonia with Hugh Wolff
"...a shout-out to all the lower brasses for their impressively sonorous and sinister irruptions in [the third] movement."
The Boston Musical Intelligencer - 2/6/2011 - NEC Philharmonia with Hugh Wolff
"Particularly memorable playing was heard from [...] trombonist Ross Holcombe in the Symphony’s first movement."
The Boston Musical Intelligencer - 12/6/2010 - Concert for the Cure Orchestra with Sir Simon Rattle
"The trombones, Stephen Lange (of the BSO), Ross Holcombe and Gabriel Langfur, were also excellent. (One wanted to know where the others usually played)."
The Boston Globe - 10/29/2010 - NEC Philharmonia with Mei-Ann Chen
"Chen drew [...] well-pointed contributions from the brasses, but she also sparked some orchestra-wide playing of impressive, scorching intensity."
The Boston Musical Intelligencer - 10/27/2010 - NEC Philharmonia with Mei-Ann Chen
"On this night every section of the orchestra acquitted itself admirably."
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